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Volunteer Opportunities

You are out there…we know you are. You’re the one that has had an interesting and diverse life or work experience that the Scappoose Senior Center really needs. No, not full time work, but just a few hours a month. Please, call the front desk at the center,  503/543-2047  503/543-2047 to see where you can help. Here is a list of areas where we would like to have your expertise.

Nutrition, Thrift Store, Meals on Wheels ,
Building Maintenance, Host/Hostess, Recruitment,
Transportation, Trip Planning, Writing,
Typing, Publicity, Proof Reading,
Gleaning, Fund Raising, Grant Writing

                                         Some of our specific needs right now are:
                                        1) Someone(s) to help plan our recreational trips
                                        2) Vegetable chopper two mornings a month for the salad bar
                                        3) Assistance with Monday Night Bingo (See Jackie Chaussee)

                                            Thank you volunteers for all you do!!!


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