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INCLUDES purses, shoes & belts

(Does not include jackets, coats, evening wear & square dance clothes)


Come in and check it out!

Donations welcome & appreciated! Tax receipts available.

OPEN Monday-Friday 10:00-4:00/Saturday 10:00-2:00

33511 Dutch Canyon Rd. *** 503-543-3281


May newsletter was prepared for mailing by Liz Ashley, Evelyn Fricke, Gerry Gould, Clara Icenogle, Hope McIrvin, and Betty Ray.  Thank you for your help and continual support.

 We are grateful to Bill Okrasinski who not only purchased, donated and replaced the porch light bulbs.  He replaced them with compact fluorescents that should last a long time.

 We cannot say how much we appreciate Royanne Schall and Joanne Steinmetz who filled in while Brian Updike was on vacation from his cook/chef duties.  It’s a big job to feed nearly 50 Meals on Wheels clients each day, as well as the congregate lunch bunch and they did an excellent job.  99% of the comments we received were positive, and that just might be a record!

 Jewelry donations made to the Center Thrift Store will now be sold exclusively here at the Senior Center.  We’ve had a really good response from the various displays in the lobby.  Thanks go out to Carol Andersen and Iona Hoare who accept, organize, price and display the jewelry for us.

 Master Gardener Dave Werings’ continuous work on our garden assures beauty and abundance in the coming months.  It’s a tremendous task, even if enjoyable, and we appreciate all his hard work and knowledge.  We also want to thank Dave Graham and Merril Strobel for plowing.   If you could volunteer to help in, or donate to, the #310 garden, please see Dave or leave him a message at the front desk. (See needs list inside)

 Don’t forget to thank the kitchen assistants!  They do an incredible amount of work helping to get the meals together.     AND Lisa Little came in to borrow medical supplies and took time to organize our medical shed!

 Last, but not least…we are grateful to TRANSWESTERN AVIATION and THE SOUTH COUNTY SPOTLIGHT for the ad space for menus and activities that they provide each week.

Thank You for your past and present support.  We look forward to serving you in the future.

  The Scappoose Senior Thrift Store
  Scappoose Senior Center, Inc.
  All our dedicated Volunteers

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