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Bread Store

Open Monday-Saturday, 10:00-2:00

We are a non-profit organization which operates on donations only.  Bread is gleaned from companies such as Franz, Sara Lee, Orowheat, Grocery Outlet, and Fred Meyer.  We have forty-six (46) volunteers who all work hard and are very dedicated to our cause.  We are open six (6) days a week, four (4) hours each day. 

The main goal is to acquire donated food items for the benefit of all.  We are here to serve our community and the Scappoose Senior Center, with customers coming from as far away as Rainier.  Bread is also supplied to church groups who feed the poor and other non-profit groups who need brad weekly.

No one is turned away, and we serve anywhere from 60-100 people a day.  Everyday customers tell us how grateful they are that we are there as they could not survive without our help.  We give food for the body and love and kindness for the soul.

Bread Store Clerks

Monday AM Donette Murphy, Irene Stegman PM Ellie Smith, Charlotte Degerness, Liz Ashley
Tuesday AM Gary Manson, Elaine Thompson PM Pearl Unger, Ray Unger
Wednesday AM Jackie Chaussee, Eleanor Hansen PM Vi Brown, Betty Blankenship
Thrusday AM Sheri Tabrum, Bonnie Appel PM Mary Evert/Loretta Elliot, Betty Templin
Friday AM John Checkis, Marvin Sprague PM Renate Stanton, Pearl Unger
Saturday AM Georgie Burum, Marlyn Heinitz PM Bonnie Farmer, Mary Sue Athey

Gleaners & Drivers


Jack Cate
Al Foster
Judy Litwin

Gary Manson


Jim Martin
John Odenthal
Ray Unger


Drivers’ Helpers
Jerry Boldenow & Manny Escobar




Edna Catlow
Joy Ferrenburg
Barbara Green
Charleen Houghton
Ione Jones
Alice Klepper


Kathy Martin
Joy McCartney
Jackie Morley
Donnette Murphy
Betty Ray
Beverly Shaffer


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